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Green Hills

Weed Killer, the natural way

When you have a garden and lots of landscaping, keeping out the plants you don't want can be quite a bit to keep up with. Simply pulling out what you don't want works well for some stuff, but others it's often best to use some sort of herbicide to make sure you get the roots as well as the plant you can see - otherwise they pop right back up!

We only pull weeds inside our garden beds and beside or at the base of our fruit trees, herb plants, berry bushes and anything else we don't want to get the following solution near or on. Not because it isn't natural, but it isn't selective. It will kill about anything it is sprayed on.

Don't want to use Round-up or similar chemical herbicides? We don't either. What we use is pretty simple. Plus it's natural and I don't mind getting it around in my yard, on myself or my clothes or shoes and I don't care if the dogs are out in the yard just after application.

1 gallon of vinegar plus 2 cups of salt and a tablespoon or so of dishwashing detergent (not for the washer, for the sink). Mix, spray on plants. Done. We have a landscape sprayer to apply it, the pump kind that is normally sold for chemical applications.

We spray on days when we expect no rain, better even if no rain expected for a couple of days. The longer the dried salt and soap sit on the plant and leaves, the longer the effect and the better chances of completely killing the plant. Some plants, we find grasses and dandelions especially, require one or two applications.

We don't mind doubling up overall - especially with price. For each application the vinegar costs a little under $3.00, the salt about $1.75 and a few pennies for the soap. Full application around $5.00 so it's even cost effective compared to commercial chemical herbicides.

**Check back in a day or so for updated photos of the areas pictured above that were sprayed today!

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