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Green Hills

More Farm Tours!

In the past couple weeks we've hit up more farms and had more tours - getting ready for the NoDa Farmers Market!

It's been such a wonderful experience. We love our urban "farm" but sure could live on many of the places we've visited. Rolling hills, beautiful fields, ponds, wooded areas. The place below is an old 2 bedroom farmhouse in the middle of one of Two Moons Family Farms field. Built in the 1920's. So beautiful to me that it almost seems fake!

Or the 100+ year old home below at Wish We Had Acres farms.

Below are some of their goats. These are a prime example of what has been so great about all of this. Seeing and doing things I've never had a chance to before, meeting wonderful people and learning so much. We even milked one of these ladies! It's not at all what I thought it would be. Plus goats are really fun, funny animals and their kids...amazingly cute!

We've learned all about how cattle are raised (properly! Not factory farming), how various fields of produce interact on a farm and now practises that smaller farmers use vary from the huge agri-business. Essentially why we are doing this to begin with. It's been wonderful.

Below Joey and Terry from Two Moons chat about cows. Oh, and these guys have waygu! Also further below the ladies of the field come with their calves to see what's going on - really cool to experience their curiosity. They approach, get within about 10 feet, then just stare at you! Oh, and use the bathroom everywhere on everything

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