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Green Hills

Spring Fever & blooming season!

THIS is what "edible landscaping" is to us! This is one of our nectarine trees. There are all kinds of beautiful blooms out there right now, that's what spring is about, right? I love them all, but for us if we are going to give some yard, garden or landscape space to something why not give it to something that also provides some food?

We have two nectarine trees, both are incredible looking right now, and both over the past couple of years have provided a few dozen nectarines each year. And the fruit from them is incredibly sweet. WE also have four plum trees and three pears. They'll bloom in a couple of weeks. We have four apples and they'll have their flowering time a week or two after that. And our peaches are blooming now as well.

From our various fruit trees alone we have over a month of continuous blooms, followed by a summer of sweet goodness.

The garden centers have fruit trees for sale - if you have space buy a few! Make sure if you choose to do so you read up on what you choose - many need at least one other variety of their kind to cross-pollinate and produce fruit.

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