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Green Hills

Whole Recipe Beds?

Over the past couple seasons we've really enjoyed figuring out all types of uses for what we grow. We've also added all types of various new additions to the garden for things we like to cook and recipes we've tried and ones we've developed.

We've always made salsa. We love it and it's also a great way to get raw, fresh veggies on the table. Though the chips not so much so, homegrown and homemade salsa itself is a very healthy food. Tomatoes, peppers (sweet and hot), onions, lime juice, garlic and cilantro. Yum!

We've also come to love kimchi. Another great healty and beneficial food that through fermentation has great probiotic benefits. And it's delicious. The first couple of times we made it we used store-bought ingredients. This past fall we grew just about everything we need to make it ourselves and from out back. See this recipe for our homegrown Linwell Kimchi.

We've decided, for this year, it would be fun to dedicate a couple of the beds to these favorites of ours. A salsa bed and a kimchi bed. Salsa veggies are summer veg, and kimchi radishes and greens are cooler weather, so it works out perfectly for a spring and summer combo! Ready to make one or the other recipe? Just head to the bed, start at one end and finish at the other - then prep!


Jalepenos & cayenne peppers - 1 plant each.

Sweet banana peppers 1 plant

Green Bell peppers 2 plants

Roma Tomato 2 plants

Cilantro - patch approximiately 3' x 1'

Scallions or spring onions - patch approximately 3' x 1'

Red onions - 2 dozen bulbs

Garlic one dozen bulbs


Bok Choi - patch approximately 3' x 2'

Pak Choi - patch approximately 3' x 2'

Tat Soi - patch approximately 3' x 2'

Daikon Radish - patch approximately 3' x 2'

Scallions - patch approximately 3' x 1'

Garlic one dozen bulbs

Cayenne peppers - 1 plant

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