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Green Hills

Family Emergency - Unexpected Trip - 30-day homegrown challenge

Well today we were thrown a loop - we got a call this morning that one of Joey's aunts is in the hospital in Johnson City, Tennessee. She not doing well at all and there is concern about whether she'll make it through this weekend.

We have ot head that way, about a 3-hour trip. Not sure if we'll be staying overnight or not but we are definitely heading out now.

Not that food is priority right now, but my food and my health are something I do keep in mind. Since we are in the early stages of our 30-day homegrown challenge I wanted to make this trip as much a part of that as is possible.

Thankfully this week of food has left us with a fridge full of leftovers and the garden has left us with a countertop covered with fresh veggies. I just finished packing them all up - spagetti from the other night (sauce with our tomatoes, onions, garlic, herbs, peppers plus farmers market mushrooms). We have rice cassarole with our homegrown onions, peopers, garlic, squash and herbs). We have some leftover farmers market (Windy Hill Farms) chicken wings, a container of our homegrown cherry and roma tomatoes.

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