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Green Hills

Breakfast with the 30-day homegrown challenge

This one is actually the easiest part for me (Scott). I literally eat straight out of the garden.

We don't have irrigation for the garden, we water every day, mostly in the morning. We could irrigate but we like taking time in the garden, this is a great way to see how everything is doing. We can see if any weeding needs to get done, any plants need pruning (especially the tomatoes) and generally watch the progress and growth.

So Joey typically waters up front and I water in the beds. During this time I have breakfast! I've gotten up early, taken a run through the neighborhood, gotten coffee from Smelly Cat Coffeehouse a block away and hunger has set in.

While I'm watering I'll also pick, plant to plant, whatever is in season and is good raw. Though it varies, today's breakfast was a handful of cherry tomatoes, a handful of green beans, a raw beet, a couple okra and a banana pepper. Might seem odd if you don't like veggies, and might not seem that tasty if you've never had a garden, but when everything is ultimately fresh like this it has a different and very bold flavor and, of course, is loaded with nutrients and vitamins.

Now I'm off to work a bit and take on lunch...we'll check out the produce aisle that is the garden - I think tomatoe sandwiches are on the menu with a tomato / basil salad!

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