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Green Hills

Finally - We are about to start 30 days of homegrown dining!

It's been a goal for Joey and I, sometime this summer once all the garden really starts pumping out food, to go for 30 days with as much of our food as possible coming from the yard and garden (and we'll be blogging about this including what we have and recipes as well).

This photo was taken yesterday, Sunday June 8th. This is only our second year here and with this garden so we've been a bit unsure when everything would really start producing - and to make the 30 day challenge we've given ourselves work we obviously have to have food coming out of the ground and ready to eat!

NOW IS THE TIME! We are going to start this Sunday, June 15th, with our 30-days. Can we get everything from here? Of course not, but what we don't get from here will be locally sourced and farmers market purchased. We don't eat much meat, so that's easy. We do use some eggs, butter, cheese and milk products so those apply for the farmers market. If we go out to eat we'll hit up a farm-to-fork restaurant or we don't do it.

We will have to buy some spices (salt, pepper) from further away as well as olive oil, etc, but for the most part we are going primarily vegetarian and almost exclusively from Linwell Farms! I can't wait - and the bounty we got yesterday is going to be most of tonights dinner....we'll be warming up all week to do the big kick-off on Sunday.

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