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Green Hills

Smelly Cat Coffee goes green(er) by going brown and composting!

Yesterday we delivered a new compost bin to Smelly Cat Coffeehouse in NoDa! Smelly Cat already roasts their own beans, buys organic beans and recycles. They've always put out coffee grounds for others in the NoDa neighborhood to grab for their gardens, but they produce more than have been taken in the past. They are also adding some food items including juicing that will produce large amounts of vegetable matter - so instead of filling their trash cans (and our landfill!) with these by-products they'll be hitting the bin for composting. We'll be adding at least one or two more as the year prgresses and will be handling those materials as well as cardboard.

In the end rich compost will be available for the store, neighbors and community gardens! Cheers to Smelly Cat

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