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Green Hills

Edible Landscaping

With urban gardening and urban farming space tends to be limited, so if you want to produce as much of your own food as possible you have to be creative and efficient with what you have.

For us, in addition to the straight up raised bed garden, we also incorporate edibles into the rest of our landscaping. Some walkways up front are lined with oregano and mint. Our front steps to the front porch are flanked with rosemary. A fence up front serves as a trellis for a couple grape vines and we have a "triple combo" pear tree there as well. Some of the pots up front and on the porch have various herbs and strawberries. All of these are equally as beautiful as any ornamental you could choose to plant in their place.

Another spot where we've really added variety of edibles in the landscaping is the seating area along the walkway between the front yard and back garden in the backyard. Each side as a small bench that Joey made - those are surrounded by plants in the ground and in pots. These benches and planting areas have roses, Jerusalem artichoke (sunchotes), olive trees, a curry tree, citrus trees (Mandarin orange, lemons and limes), a kaffir lime leaf tree, strawberries, oregano, fennel, lemon grass, dill and apple trees.

We think these areas are as beautiful as any other landscaping in our yard or that we've seen with the added benefit of providing us flavor and food for the kitchen!~

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