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Green Hills

30-day challenge update

It's been a great couple days dining from the yard! Lots of new veggies coming in and ready for the kitchen. Eggplant, spagetti squash, all kinds of peppers, carrots and bush and pole green beans in addition to the abundance of tomatoes. Every summer since I've had a garden I basically become a tomatovore anyway - plain and off the vine, salads of all types (yep, our basil is going nuts and is often part of these), salsas, red sauce for pasta, flat bread pizzas, and sandwiches - LOVE this time of year and LOVE having these available.

Speaking of the spagetti squash, the photo with this post is from lunch yesterday. We had a vegan lunch. Joey and I were both home at lunch time and not working - watching the USA soccer match for the World Cup. We prepped the spagetti squash by steam roasting and using it as our "pasta". We roasted tomatoes, onions, garlic and a yellow squash to make the sauce and sauteed that with mandarin peppers, more onions and banana peppers along with basil, sage, thyme and oregano. Everything from right out back!

Last nights dinner, with mom over for a couple glasses of wine, was long braised pork belly from Windy Hill Farm, rice cooked with Joey's kimchi butter (oh lord this stuff is good) and sauteed green beans, peppers and onions - these all from the garden.

I've had one meal away from home, had to have a business lunch with a client - didn't think he'd want to come have a tomato sandwich at our house (turns out I was wrong) so we met at a fantastic place: Luna's Living Kitchen in Southend. This place is phenominal. Vegan, most stuff is also raw, very local ingredients. It's hard to emphasize how incredible food that someone can possibly make with those restrictions, but this place is an eye opener.

Looking forward to tonights dinner - going to bring in a huge Black Beauty Eggplant and make eggplant parmesan. Going to start a long cook red sauce in a few minutes - tomatoes, peppers, onions, basil, oregano and garlic from out back. Also having a cucumber and marinated green bean salad.

Cheers! Eat well.

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