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Linwell Farms Homemade / Homegrown Kimchi


Kimchi is a traditional Korean dish with fermented cabbage (typically napa cabbage). We love making kimchi and have modified the traditional recipes we used to follow to allow for most ingredients to come from our garden. 


We substitute tat soi and pak choi for the napa cabbage. Their growing time is significantly shorter (about 45 - 50 days) and they grow very well in our garden.


For the heat we use 1/2 of the traditional crushed peppers (Korean red pepper powder or kochukaru is what gives kimchee its spiciness) with 1/2 crushed cayenne flakes which we grow during the summer, harvest and dry while the greens above are growing then blend to a powder.


Traditional kimchi also uses different versions of fermented fish or shrimp to help with the fermentation and to add to the traditional flavor. We use the fermented shrimp, or saeujeot. All recipes don’t call for this and it can be deleted from the recipe if desired or if you can’t find it.


Both the Korean red pepper powder and the fermented shrimp can be found in local Asian markets. 


Ingredients (** items are from our garden)


2 pounds bok choi, tat soi and/or pak choi **

1/2 cup kosher salt

1 large daikon radish, peeled and cut into 2-inch matchsticks

4 scallions cut into 1-inch pieces including the greens / tops **

1/4 cup Korean red pepper powder

1/4 cup crushed cayenne pepper **

1/4 cup fish sauce

1/4 cup peeled and minced fresh ginger **

4 - 6 minced garlic cloves **

2 teaspoons Korean salted shrimp, minced

1 1/2 teaspoons granulated sugar



Step 1:

Cut the tat soi and pak choi into 1” - 2” pieces. Include the spines. Place in  a large mixing bowl and shake on about 1/3 of the salt. Toss with your hands until the parts are well coated. Let this sit for about an hour. Drain off the water, sprinkle on more sale and toss. Let this sit for another hour and repeat the whole process. In the end you’ll want to drain and salt the greens 3 - 4 times then cover the bowl with plastic wrap and let it sit overnight on the counter top.


Step 2:

After about 24-hours drain the greens and place in a colander. Rinse thoroughly with cold water, tossing them with your hands and gently squeezing out the excess water.


Step 3:

Place the rest of the ingredients in the mixing bowl and mix. Add the greens and mix thoroughly to coat all leaves.


Step 4:

Pack the mixture tightly in a glass jar - pressing it down to avoid air bubbles - seal with an airtight lid. Place in a cool dark spot for 24-hours. Open the lid to allow gases to escape, reseal the lid and place in the fridge. Allow the kimchi to rest for at least another 48 hours before use (allowing it to ferment for 1 week will yield the best flavor).

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