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Bloody Maria

Your favorite with a "south of the border twist"


We love a good Bloody Mary, but many of them from the mixes are just so think it's tough to drink more than one or two. This recipie uses most every thing you are used to, but with a fresher and hotter flavors!


We also use Clamato Juice. It's not as think as most regular tomato juices and though it has clam juice in the ingredients, the flavor really isn't pronounced at all. If you want to use regular tomato juice or V8, that's just fine as well!



2 quarts of Clamato Juice

6 to 8 fresh jalapenos

1 bunch of cilantro

Black pepper




Pour the Clamato into your blender

Roughly chop 1 to 2 jalapenos (or three if you're brave) depending on their heat and how hot you want your mix. Add these to the blender along with 1/2 of the bunch of cilantro. Add the juice of three limes plus the zest of one.

Blend for a minute or two.


Use this mix with the vodka of your choice and the ratios of your choice - garnish with a jalapeno and a lime slice, rubbing each around the rim to flavor the top of the glass - enjoy!


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